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Building for a Future of Faith.


Fellowship has experienced a season of tremendous growth in both size and ministry over the past several years.

We have seen increased numbers in every area of our church body, especially our young families. Our mission as a church is to invite people to enter God’s story, equipping and releasing them to become reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ. As more and more people enter His story, the limitations of our current facility have become a huge challenge. Fellowship has initiated the Generations campaign to address these capacity constraints and enable us to accommodate the growth in our current ministries, with a focus on equipping the next generation.


Fellowship Stories


Hear from some Fellowship families who have experienced what God has done and is continuing to do through the mission and ministry of Fellowship to bring people into His GREAT story.



The Plan


Expanded space to enable more effective discipleship.



4 additional classrooms on the first floor (13 total rooms.

Expanded nursery, including a nursing room.

A new dedicated worship space.

An indoor play space for rainy or cold weather and for Home Church childcare.

Additional restrooms with easy access for kids and volunteers.

Renovation of existing classrooms to ensure each room provides the best atmosphere for our kids and volunteers.

Expanded check-in area to help with traffic flow on Sunday mornings, as well as provide increased security for our kids with a centralized check-in process and limited access to open areas.


New multi-use space to equip and release adults for ministry and discipleship.

Dedicated space for equipping and discipleship classes, Bible studies, small groups, and community ministries who use our facility throughout the week.

Kitchenette to accommodate hospitality for large group meetings, classes, and events.


Expanded office and meeting space for staff and lay ministry leaders to coordinate ministry, engage in discipleship and training, and work more synergistically.

Additional storage for Fellowship’s growing, year-round ministries such as Operation Christmas Child, Home Church, Men’s Ministry, Girlfriends, and Financial Peace University.


8 additional classrooms on the second floor (13 total rooms).

Dedicated worship space that is available for multiple age groups.

New active sensory room to to promote engaging sensory activities for children with sensitivities to noise and light.

New quiet sensory room to accommodate children with auditory sensitivities.


Additional rooms for Fellowship Student Ministries to use for effective discipleship during the week.

New dedicated space for College & Young Adult Ministry to provide an intentional atmosphere for building relationships and to reach a generation that is increasingly walking away from the faith.


Our Goal.

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Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Ephesians 3:20-21 NIV

How much will the campaign cost?

At this stage of the project, our architects and builders estimate the total cost of the expansion to be $4.9 million. We will have a hard number if we are able to move forward with the next stage, but this is the most accurate estimate we can give based on square footage and current construction rates. You can find a more detailed breakdown of the costs below.

  • New building of 22k SF = $3,335,000 million
  • Remodeling current first & second floors = $450k
  • Two parking lots to add 149 new spaces (finishing west lot and adding NW lot) = $155k
  • Furnishings, fixtures, and equipment = $250k
  • Architect = $10k
  • Existing debt = $585k
  • Kids playground = $75k
  • Total estimated cost = $4,860,000

Our goal for the campaign is to raise at least $2.5 million to cover the costs of construction, and the initial loan that we will need to pay the contractor.

What is the current payoff of our debt?

Our current debt (as of July 2017) is approximately $600,000 which has been paid down from $2.2 million.

What do we anticipate it being at the end of the three-year campaign?

Our elders have capped the final loan at $3 million dollars. The elders have sought counsel and prayed about this decision in order steward Fellowship’s long-term financial health.

What is the anticipated timeline to have the building and renovations finished?

As is true in all construction projects, much of this depends on the weather, as well as material availability, which can fluctuate. We hope to begin construction during the fall of 2017 with the renovation of the existing space to follow. The total project from start to finish is expected to take approximately twelve to eighteen months once we break ground.

Where can I see the building plans?

You can see the current building and renovation plans here.

How many more children will we be able to accommodate?

We currently have 14 classrooms with 12 kids per classroom (in most cases), allowing us to minister to 168 kids in our current facility. The new addition will have 26 classrooms and be able to accommodate up to 312 children, almost doubling our capacity.

How will the adult spaces be utilized?

We are developing an equipping plan that includes basic Biblical training, theological foundations, and practical skills in areas such as marriage, parenting, financial stewardship, discipleship, and evangelism.
In addition, ministry teams will be able to meet for prayer and planning in multiple new spaces, and our College and Young Adult Ministry will have a dedicated space of their own to grow, develop relationships, and multiply disciples.

Should we reduce what we already give to the church and to missions in order to financially commit to the campaign?

No. We strongly encourage you to make your commitment to Generations “over and above” any other giving that the Lord has called you to. The present ministries of Fellowship, as well as the local and global ministries that we currently support, need to be funded and we do not want a building to hinder our existing ministry. For this reason, we ask that you not reallocate your current giving to the Generations campaign.

How should I determine how much to give to the generations campaign?

Only you and the Lord can decide how much your family should give. After prayerfully asking the Lord for guidance in the decision, our hope is that each family will decide their particular commitment. The goal is not equal gifts but equal sacrifice. While everyone who calls Fellowship home is being asked to pray about this commitment, no one will be pressured.

Can I give to the campaign or make my commitment online?

Yes! You can communicate your family’s commitment to the campaign by clicking the link here. To make a one-time or single gift to the campaign, click here. You can also set up recurring or automated giving for your convenience by clicking here. If you have a gift that you would like to make before or after this time frame, you are welcome to do so. Gifts can include cash, stocks, bonds, property, jewelry, or other valuable items.

Will my financial commitment to the campaign be tax-deductible?

Yes! As a 501(c)(3), all cash-based gifts can be deducted in the year they are given. For non-cash or non-traditional gifts, such as assets, property, gifts in-kind, etc., we recommend that you contact your financial advisor to learn more about how you can leverage tax-advantaged giving options for your benefit and Fellowship’s vision to impact new generations with the gospel.

When does my financial commitment to the campaign begin and end?

The Generations campaign is a three-year endeavor that we are trusting the Lord for between October 2017 and October 2020.

Does it matter if I set up my recurring gift on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis?

It is up to you and your family to decide how you want to give. Many families will break up their total commitment and make weekly, monthly, or annual offerings toward their commitment over the three year period of the campaign. On the other hand, some people may give their total commitment in one or several larger gifts due to special circumstances or for tax reasons. The “how” varies according to each individual’s specific situation. If you would like to talk to someone about setting up your giving, please contact Eric Barnes by clicking here.

What if we do not get the amount of financial commitments we need?

We are trusting God to provide everything needed to see the Generations Campaign succeed. The elders believe we need $585,000 cash in hand as a part of $2.5 million in commitments. The goal is for the final loan to not exceed $3 million dollars. If we do not meet these benchmarks, our elders, staff, and campaign leadership team will prayerfully seek the Lord’s will on how to proceed.

Who is leading the campaign to make sure that we make the best financial decisions for Fellowship?

We have fourteen teams consisting of 116 people who are utilizing their skills and gifts to serve in their SHAPE as they steer specific areas of the campaign process. Our campaign leadership team—consisting of nine people, includes two current elders, one supporting elder, our Senior Teaching Pastor, and our Associate Pastor—provides oversight for the entire process. Having teams with expertise and specific roles has involved a diverse group of people and made the overall process better.

Is our current building really that full?

The limitations of our space are real and felt across multiple areas: Fellowship Kids has grown 20% over the last three years with no room to expand.

  • Fellowship Student Ministries has grown 15% on Sunday Mornings and 45% on Wednesday Evenings with not enough rooms for every small group to share, learn, and grow.
  • Our new Fellowship College and Young Adults Ministry currently has no place of their own that provides an opportunity to connect in community and relationship with one another.
  • With increased numbers in Fellowship Kids and Student Ministries, congestion in the lobby has become a challenge.
  • Adult ministries are competing for rooms throughout the week due to a lack of appropriate space for studies, classes, and small group gatherings.

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